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"Birding is so special: discovery, appreciation, community, and the beauty of a bird."
This is what birding is all about!

Paraphrased from the book, A Supremely Bad Idea by Luke Dempsey 

Information regarding COVID is continually updated as the situation changes. 

If you feel sick or have been exposed to COVID in the last week please cancel your tour.

During these unprecedented times, we strive to ensure that every risk of contracting Covid 19 is kept as low as possible. However, owing to the nature of this virus is may not always be possible to avoid all risk. To this end the following disclaimer is in force for all tours.

The following information is our current policy for tours. It is subject to change as guidelines on a county, state, and national level change

    • Guide is vaccinated and can provide proof of vaccination if requested.
    • All tours have the option of being conducted as caravan tours with participants driving their own vehicle (s).
    • If participants wish to be driven, the Nature In Flight vehicle can be equipped with Plexiglas separators if requested to minimize risk.
    • The vehicle’s touch points with be sterilized each day prior to the tour starting and each day at the end of the tour.
    • All refreshments will be consumed at client’s own risk and you are welcome to bring your own.
    • If you chose to borrow optics, (binoculars), you will be given a pair for the day that has been sterilized.
    • Wellness questions and signing of a waiver will be required before the beginning of a tour.
    • All participants are responsible for their own well being and following the current Oregon guidelines for safeguarding against Covid 19.
    • Nature in Flight accepts no liability for any illness (Covid or other) contracted whilst on a tour.


for the best in Oregon bird tours and nature-watching adventures

Based in Corvallis, Oregon, Nature in Flight Tours offers guided birdwatching and nature tours throughout the Willamette Valley and along the Oregon Coast. Our tours are perfect for all age groups and levels of ability and are designed to introduce individuals, groups, and families to the unique adventure and experience of birdwatching. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, we have something for everybody.


what makes Oregon so unique

Nature in Flight Tours showcase Oregon’s natural beauty, amazing avians, delicious foods and craft beverages that are unique to northwest Oregon. Meet new friends and learn more about Oregon, all while enjoying outdoor activity and soaking in the beauty of nature.
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Two-hour bird tours

2-Hour Tours

Our 2-hour bird tours focus on a specific neighborhood (maybe yours?) and are terrific for school children or anyone wanting to learn more about their own backyard.

Half-day tour

Half-day Tours

A half day bird tour is roughly 4 hours long and focuses on exploring one or two areas within a fairly short drive from Corvallis. It’s a chance to stretch your legs and gain a new appreciation for what’s just over the next horizon.

Full-day bird tours


Our full day bird tours last about 8 hours, and offer fun and surprises. On these tours we may get out to the beautiful Oregon Coast or explore other more far-flung areas with colorful and quirky wildlife.

Just For You Tours

We offer customized tours designed to fit your needs and interests.
Contact us so we can design a tour just for you!

Get Some Fresh Air!

Could your kids use some time out of the house or classroom, enjoying the fresh air and learning to tell the difference between a scrub and steller’s jay?

Looking For A New Experience?

Ever wonder why so many people are into birding? There are so many reasons!  Check out our Why Bird? page.

Western Bluebird on perch
Western Bluebird on perch

Join The Fun!

Looking for a great way to spend a few hours outdoors, learning a little something, getting a bit of exercise, and meeting new feathered friends?

Complete That Bucket List!

Want to work on your birding bucket list with an area expert who’s always up for the challenge?

We gratefully acknowledge the native peoples on whose ancestral homelands we tour.

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