Why Bird?

There are SO many reasons to go birdwatching. For my Dad, it is the satisfaction of identifying and categorizing. For my brother, it is the challenge of photographing the birds and their habitats. For my sister, it is the beauty of seeing all the patterns and colors of different species and the effort to find them. For me, it is all that and more. Being outdoors and feeling connected to the natural world is part of my daily life. When I was 11, I watched red-tailed hawks and their young soar over our house and when I called to a Great Horned Owl off our back deck, he called back, I was hooked!  I look forward to introducing you to the world of Bird watching.

Spencer Mair

Red-tailed hawk on tree stump

Our Top 9 Reasons To Go Birding

Great Outdoor Activity

Oregon is a playground of outdoor activity. If you haven’t tried a day of birdwatching, you haven’t lived! It’s easy, all ages can enjoy this outdoor activity. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment, and no matter what you see, it is great fun.

Rhythm of the seasons

Noticing and experiencing the changing of the seasons is part of the birdwatching experience. Different seasons bring opportunities to see different species as they come and go during spring and fall migration. Many species of geese, ducks, warblers, and swifts migrate through our area. There is a joy and comfort in connecting with the world as it turns and seasons change.


Birdwatching is the hobby of a lifetime. Anywhere, anytime! You can enjoy birdwatching alone or with others; At your house, on hikes, in cities, or anywhere you travel in the world.

Minimal Impact

Birdwatching is an activity that leaves no trace and has minimal
impact on the environment.

Family Activity

Birdwatching is a great family activity. It provides a focus for interaction and conversation and a cooperative purpose to hiking, camping, or taking a walk. It can also be like a game listening, looking and finding. There are so many talents and interests that can be highlighted by birding that every member can find something to enjoy and some way to shine!

Tune In

Birdwatching adds to any walk, hike, stroll on the beach, backyard relaxing and looking out your front window! You experience the world differently and tune in to the natural beauty of the sights and sounds around you. You will be surprised at how differently you experience the world when your senses are heightened on a birdwatching adventure


The colors, the flight patterns, the sounds of birds are part of the “art museum” of the natural world. Getting to know and identify birds is like appreciating and recognizing the differences between a Da Vinci and a Monet.


Birdwatching lists can be like having a collection. You “collect” species you have seen and where you have seen them without bringing them home. It’s a “collection” that you don’t have to dust and with each sighting comes the memory of where you were, who you were with and the magic of the moment!


There’s always more to learn! Birdwatching is a life long education. The
more you find out, the more amazing, complex, and fascinating the world of birds and nature is.

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